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FDA is a front organization: There are no technicians in the buildings, no equipment and no sample testing occurs
By newseditors // 2024-06-14

One of the questions the reader is trying to answer has to do with whether biological regulation authority was ever statutorily established by [the US] Congress, for NIH and its precursor organisations, going back to the late 1800s.

(Article by Rhoda Wilson republished from

Modern-day NIH and FDA officials present historical accounts of how the biological product and vaccine manufacturing regulatory systems began and developed.

But from her research so far, the reader has concluded that their origin-story claims are not supported by the text of the statutes they cite.

During an email exchange recently, she raised the question “Why are they lying” about their statutory and/or administrative origins?

I sent her a reply with my hypothesis about why NIH and FDA lie about their origins and evolution.

Watt’s Reply

The “why they are lying” question is one that I’ve been mulling for a few months.

My hypothesis is that they have maintained a bunch of empty office buildings that serve only as mailing addresses (virtual mailboxes), without having any actual technical staff, laboratory equipment, or application and sample processing procedures.

They do that so that they can have fake forms for vaccine manufacturers to fill out. These included both the establishment license application, ELA, and product license application, PLA, from 1973 to the mid-1990s.

The ELA + PLA application process became, in the mid-1990s, the biologics license application, or BLA, by eliminating even the ostensible/fake requirement for establishment inspections and licensing, and by breaking up the “responsible head” at the factories, into multiple responsible people, so that no one would be responsible.

The factory employees, who are also just a handful of paper pushers with no scientific knowledge or responsibility, in a building whose equipment just makes immunotoxic junk and puts it in vials and slaps labels on it, filled out the application forms and mailed them to the FDA addresses (Bureau of Biologics in 1973, all its NIH predecessors and FDA successors, Centre for Biologics Evaluation and Research – CBER now).

The application forms arrived at that address where another one or two paper pushers put them in a filing cabinet and then shredded them a few years later.

Since the advent of electronic filing systems, the application and licensing forms have been filed, transferred and stored electronically, and deleted at regular intervals.

There are no technicians in the buildings, there’s no equipment and no sample testing occurs.

It’s all a front: statutes, regulations, procedures, application forms, buildings, addresses, offices, labs, approved applications and licenses sent by the FDA back to the factories, everything.

A handful of people at pharma companies know it.

A handful of people at the FDA know it.

And everyone else just assumes that a different, specialised department with specialised staff, equipment and procedures is handling it somewhere in the factory, and somewhere within the FDA.

You can read Watt’s full article HERE which is the ninth in a series of articles on “FDA non-regulation of non-medicines, including vaccines, more accurately understood as intentionally immunotoxic poisons.”

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